Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Clinical Officer Program (ECCCO Program)

The ECCCO Training Program was officially recognized by the Clinical Officer's Council of Kenya in 2017. Since that time, 48 graduates have finished this Program, while 26 additional Trainees are in the midst of their education. Our ECCCO Graduates serve throughout Kenya in both Government and Private / Mission facilities.

The purpose of ECCCO Training is to equip Clinical Officers to work in the Casualty Departments and inpatient critical care units (HDUs and ICUs) of their respective hospitals. Why is this important? Kenya is a country of about 56 million people and yet there is only one Emergency Medicine trained Kenyan Doctor for this population. Also, there are only a handful of formally trained Critical Care Physicians to serve the needs of Kenya's HDUs and ICUs. ECCCO Officers are trained to fill these regional skill gaps and render to Kenyans high quality emergency medicine and critical care in cooperation with physicians. Simply stated, our goal is to provide an excellent education in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care to Clinical Officers over 18 months in the great Name of Jesus.

Dr. Jon and Nadia Matson have been working with the ECCCO Training Program for about 6-7 years now. Dr. Tony Nguyen is the Assistant ECCCO Program Director. Dr. Timothy Dekoninck is the ECCCO Site Director at the Tenwek Hospital. Winnie Muiruri, Lead KCHS ECCCO, and Japheth Maina, ECCCO, are the ECCCO Officers doing a great job making the ECCCO Program work on a day-to-day basis.

The next ECCCO Program student intake will take place in January 2024. Interested Clinical Officers with 2 years of experience post Internship can begin the application process in AUG 2023.

Dr. Jon Matson
Program Head.