Kenya Registered Community Health Nursing (KRCHN) is a basic nursing programme at AIC Kijabe College of Health Sciences (KCHS). The programme takes three (3) years in line with Nursing Council of Kenya generic curriculum, leading to an award in Diploma in Kenya Registered Community Nursing (KRCHN Basic). Graduates from the KRCHN programme at KCHS are competent nurses, able to function in a complex health care environment characterized by emerging and reemerging diseases.

Programme Overview

The need for a nursing workforce is a global issue. Taking the KRCHN programme at KCHS, therefore, offers an opportunity for a nursing career. So far, over 3000 nurses have graduated and are working both locally, nationally, and globally. Opportunities are available to high school leavers or to those who would like to pursue a career in Nursing.

Educational Requirements

With a Serene Christian environment and devoted faculty, the KRCHN programme best suits your dream of becoming a nurse with a global perspective. This is done at KCHS. “Think Nursing: Think AIC Kijabe College of Health Sciences”.

Gabriel Okombo
Program Head.