Kijabe Nurse Anesthesia Program

Kijabe Nurse Anesthesia Program offers its Nurse Anesthesia training in Kijabe College of Health Sciences (KCHS) located in Kijabe Hospital. Kijabe Nurse Anesthesia Program is a recognized name in graduate well rounded in anesthesia education. The Program has been producing competent nurse anesthetists since 2007. The collaboration between KCHS and Kijabe Hospital takes pride in the high quality of its graduates as a result of well-rounded training in leadership roles in clinical settings as well as in professionalism. If you are keen on graduating as a Nurse anesthetist, Kijabe College prides in offering a high level training both in didactics, clinical practice that is diversified with all categories of patients. The Program has a Simulation lab equipped with high level simulation manikins that goes a long way in simulating scenarios that is close to realism.

Program Overview

To prepare you for a successful career as a nurse anesthetist in Kijabe, the college takes you through eighteen months of rigorous training that includes six months in didactic training and eleven months of clinical rotations. During the three semesters of this full-time program, you will focus on anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology, professional roles, principles of anesthesia, basic and advanced life support, principles of anesthesia, anesthesia for surgical and special populations. Clinical rotations take place in both Kijabe hospital and other six clinical sites to enable the learner to gain maximum clinical experience.

Admission Requirements

Admission into this KRNA program in Kijabe admission requirements are, you must have a Diploma or a BSN along with an active RN license from your home country that is equitable to the Education in Kenya. The college also requires you to have a minimum of two years’ clinical experience in a hospital setting.

Mary Mungai
Program Head.